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We help companies increase revenue through strategic business planning, sales process optimization and coaching.

JBZ Consulting helps transform Small to Mid-Size businesses into vigorous, adaptive organizations that better anticipate the unpredictable realities of business and adjust with innovative strategies to best position themselves against their competitors. We work with clients who want to carve out a definitive path towards their success, clients with high potential and high ambition, determined to adapt and become leaders in their industries.


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    Justin led our sales team for 4 years, by developing our sales roadmap within our CRM, holding us accountable, and overall growth year over year.  Justin’s systematic sales approach, along with his outgoing and approachable personality, made him a trusted and valued sales leader within our organization
    Jill Baxter
    Partner, N2 Ingredients
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    Hey Justin, I just wanted to send you this letter to thank-you for the work you've done with me over the past year. Not coming from a sales background, I found our weekly skill development meetings instrumental in the success rate i have experienced here at Farrow. Thanks for giving me a shot to work with you. I feel blessed to have been provided the opportunity to learn and grow in sales and have surpassed my expectations. Salesforce is an amazing program and I am proud to say that i broke a record for the highest level of activity in a CRM. Your detailed training and instructions made it very simple to catch on and make this program a part of my daily life. I believe my success in SF was mainly because i was driven to challenge myself through our mid-month meetings and PMO's to be active in my pursuits. My boss is happy, my reps are happy and I am happy. Thanks for a job well done, and I appreciate your mentorship over the last year. I am moving on to a new chapter but will never forget where i came from.
    Erica Sotomayor
    Business Development Rep - Farrow Group
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    The Coaching and training that Justin provided to mold one of our inside salespeople to an outside salesperson has resulted in a territory sales increase of 36% over 2 years. The first full year with our updated sales process, also led by Justin, resulted in increased sales (a record year for Dynamic Conveyor).    Aligning our inside sales team with territories has given each Sales Territory Manager the ownership needed to manage and grow sales.  Giving them the ability to manage their own territories and incentivizing them with a bonus motivated each Sales Territory Manager to grow their territories beyond the set sales goals.  It was so much fun to watch each Sales Territory Manager get excited about their sales and contribution to the company as the year progressed.  It was equally as fun to give them a monetary reward at the end of the year for their hard work. I appreciate the work that Justin did to assist our company with  improving our sales process, increasing our sales and increasing our bottom line.
    Jill Batka
    President - Dynamic Conveyor
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    Justin has been fantastic in helping me identify the key market segments to target and keep my funnel full with strongly qualified opportunities.  He has really helped me keep focused and drive the strategy he created with us, to improve my overall results.
    Sales Executive
    Transportation Firm
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    With your guidance, I have honed my sales skills from a reactive sales style to a pro-active sales style. I have found that by changing to a pro-active sales style I am making more contacts and completing more sales. I have learned to create opportunities by making a more complete cold call and have learned to develop trust with customers through the 'Approach to driving sales'. It is a demanding program that develops results!


    The time that I have spent working with you has been a wonderful journey and I truly looked forward to each of our meetings. I highly recommend Justin Baker to anyone who wants to increase their sales and develop lasting relationships with their customers.

    Business Development Manager
    Tool & Die Manufacturer